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Learning English in schools is used to support students' English skills, so that the students are able to communicate in daily conversation, especially in a school context. This phenomenon seems contrary to what is happening in Public Elementary Schools today. Many of the elementary schools are no longer learning English subjects. This creates a dilemma for teachers because students are not literate in English. This happens in Islamic Public Elementary Schools (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri - MIN) too. Therefore, this study aims to explore (1) the inability of students to understand simple English vocabulary, and conversation in the school environment, (2) the low level of English language skills of students when they want to continue their education to a higher level (SMP), and (3) parents' support and supervision of learning English by getting additional English classes or tutoring. To collect the data in this study, an interview is used as a qualitative research. The data will be taken at MI, which is an Islamic-based elementary school. The participants in this study were the Principals of  MI in Pekanbaru. Three teachers are from MI in Pekanbaru, and three students parents.  Finally, there will be changes in the application of English learning evenly in elementary schools, especially public schools. So that the output issued by public schools is also able to compete in the use of English.


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