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Teaching and learning process, interestingly, based on the demography, can draw a huge gap in education. It can be experienced by educational components such as teachers, students, and communities. Teaching in rural areas becomes challenging too regarding its limitations, from human resources, infrastructures, and facilities. Through the Travelling and Teaching program by 1000 Guru Riau, these inequalities are expected to be bridged so that students in rural areas have better teaching and learning experiences from teachers and volunteers who come from urban areas. Undoubtedly, participating teachers and volunteers in this program can also reflect on the value of teaching and learning in rural areas. Their reflections are expected to be used for planning and transforming their lives personally and professionally to make some improvements in education. This study therefore aimed at exploring the experiences of teachers and volunteers in rural areas on (1) their perspectives in conducting teaching and learning in rural areas, (2) the challenges faced by the teacher and volunteers during the teaching and learning in rural areas, and (3) their recommendations in teaching and learning in rural areas. In addition, this study used qualitative research methods with a case study design. The participants were four volunteers and four teachers. Framed by a humanistic perspective, a semi-structured interview was employed as a data collection technique in this narrative case study. Furthermore, this study is expected to contribute to teacher professional development in rural areas.


Reflections teaching learning rural school rural education volunteer

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