Indonesia Advanced Sport Development

  • Amung Ma'mun Sport Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Nuryadi Nuryadi Physical Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Suherman Slamet Physical Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Cep Ubad Abdullah Physical Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


This article aims to reveal the fundamental concept of sport development in Indonesia. To have advanced sport development, Indonesia needs to create a formulation and implementation in accordance with existing democracy of the political system, theoretical foundation, operational foundation, developed countries’ best practices, and past experiences. The article, which was initially written as a preliminary study, employs a qualitative method, where data are collected through a document study and analyzed in a focus group discussion and through exchanging ideas, panels, workshops, seminars, and so on. There are five aspects that need to be conducted to have advanced sport development in Indonesia: First, there needs to be a shift in the vision of sport development from development of sport to development through sport; second, there needs to be a long-term development planning system (20 years) which is interpreted in several short-term plannings (5 years); third, in accordance with its scope, the development of sport in Indonesia is in need of legal protection or rules of several ministries to develop advanced educational sport in school (collaboration among the ministry of sport and youth affairs, the ministry of education and culture, the ministry of reseach, technology, and higher education), to develop recreational sport and elite sport through strategic enhancement of fitness centers, sport clubs, and competition system in regios in Indonesia (collaboration between the ministry of sport and youth affairs and the ministry of domestic affaris); fourth, management of sport multievents such as SEA Games, Asian Games, and the Olympics should optimize the roles of Sport Club Organization Centers (IOCO), Indonesia Sport Committee (KOI), Indonesia National Sport Committee (KONI), in an integrated and well-coordinated entity; and fifth, internal competition system, both regional and national scopes, should be oriented to sport (single-event) where there are several events within a year conducted systematically and continuously by IOCO and supported by the central and local government of Indonesia, and supported by the sponsorship as well.

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