Looking Through the Implementation of K-13 Through the Lens of AQEE Principle From OECD:

What Should Be Improved From Our K-13 Implementation in Order To Be Internationally Competitive?

  • Rian Rinaldi Djita Vanderbilt University


Indonesia, as the fourth most populated country in the world, will be having a demographic bonus by 2030 in which 60% of its population will be in the productive range of age (15-63 years old) (Afandi, 2017).  To anticipate this economical advantage, there are several strategies developed to better prepare Indonesia’s human capital and one of the anticipated strategies in the educational sector is through the 2013 National Curriculum reform or Kurikulum-2013 (K-13). Indonesia’s National Education Act number 20 in 2013 (Depdiknas, 2013) stated that the main objective of this new curriculum is to better prepare the students comprehensively both academically and non-academically. Nevertheless, the implementation of K13 has not reached its academic target to say the least, based on the decline of students achievement in the national examination for the past 4 years after the implementation of K-13 In addition, evaluation through a national survey of K13 has not been conducted, making it hard to evaluate which aspects of this K-13 implementation that need to be improved in the coming years. This paper aims to evaluate K-13 against the AQEE (Access, Quality, Equality and Efficiency) principle from OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). This AQEE principle is derived from the results of the PISA test (Program for International Student Assessment) that is widely used by more than 80 countries worldwide over the years. Through the evaluation of this international assessment, a highly qualified system of education needs to have all these 4 dimensions of the AQEE principle. The finding shows that K-13 does not fully meet the AQEE standards, primarily because of the Equity and Quality aspect.

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