The Indonesia Focus Conference, organized by the Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs (ASIRPA), a registered 501(c) organization, serves as a platform for academic discourse and collaboration. ASIRPA, committed to fostering positive societal change, outlines its objectives as follows:

  • Enhancing the knowledge base of underserved populations, with a particular focus on Indonesia, to elevate human quality of life.
  • Facilitating cultural and social exchange between American and Indonesian communities to cultivate peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Addressing the challenges of poverty alleviation and economic development to uplift Indonesia from structural poverty.
  • Promoting Indonesian expertise and knowledge to enhance the competitive edge of Indonesian professionals.

Since its inception, the Indonesia Focus Conference has been a cornerstone event in the academic calendar, commencing with its inaugural gathering in Houston in 2008. Subsequently, it has traversed various cities across the United States, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and others, culminating in the most recent edition hosted by the Indonesia Embassy in Washington DC.

The conference serves as a nexus for scholars, researchers, and practitioners interested in the multifaceted study of Indonesia. Through a blend of English-language presentations and in-person interactions, it facilitates the dissemination of research findings and fosters collaboration among Indonesian and international scholars. With each iteration, the conference continues to celebrate the richness and diversity of Indonesian academic scholarship while striving to expand its reach and impact on a global scale.