The issuance of invitation letters for visa application purposes is extended exclusively to participants who have satisfactorily fulfilled the requisite criteria set forth by the organizing committee. This protocol encompasses the successful submission and acceptance of scholarly papers, alongside the completion of the conference fee payment process.

It is imperative to emphasize that the provision of invitation letters by the committee does not imply an assurance of visa approval. The discretion and decision-making authority regarding visa issuance rest solely with the pertinent visa authorities, operating independently of our organizational purview. Therefore, while we endeavor to facilitate the visa application process by providing invitation letters, the ultimate outcome remains contingent upon the prevailing policies and determinations of the relevant authorities.

We strongly advocate for participants to initiate their visa application proceedings well in advance of the conference dates, thereby allowing ample time for processing and potential contingencies. Furthermore, adherence to the stipulated requirements delineated within the United States visa regulations is paramount to ensuring a seamless application experience.

By adhering to these guidelines and proactively engaging with the visa application process, participants can optimize their prospects for successful visa acquisition, thereby ensuring their seamless participation in the forthcoming conference proceedings.